Webtastic - interesting and helpful sites

There's wonderful stuff happening out there. Here are a number of links that provide guidance, motivation and inspiration.

Two Hands Project - an Australian initiative that encourages people to clean up their local beaches. One of their best initiatives is for participants to take photos of their waste booty and post it on the Two Hands Facebook page; a great way to get instant exposure about your local pollution concerns.

Plastic free July - another fantastic Australian initiative. It challenges people to go without single-use plastic for all or part of the month of July.

Rubbish free - a NZ website born out of a rubbish-free-year challenge. Their A-Z guide is particularly useful; I was easily able to solve shopping dilemmas by using it.

Sustainable Coastlines - an Auckland-based charitable organisation working towards cleaning up our precious coasts through education, campaigns and events.

Seathos foundation - an American-based organisation tackling ocean pollution on a global scale. Their celebrity endorsements help add weight to their campaign. 

5 Gyres - an American site designed to educate joe-public about plastic pollution and encourage pro-active change on an individual level.

Take 3 - an Australian organisation encouraging beach users to take three pieces of litter with them as they leave the beach. Simple, but effective.

Plastic Pollution Coalition - run a yearly Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Contest that encourages entrepreneurs and inventors to develop products and businesses that offer alternatives to plastics or solutions to our plastic problem.

Plastic-free guide - a very helpful tool for those seeking to lead plastic free lives. It's an American site, so the product specific advice isn't necessarily helpful, but there is a wealth of great information to glean tips from.

TED talks 

Here are two at opposite ends of the plastic spectrum (the problem and a solution that started as a proposal in a TED talk and is now a reality).

Tapped: an investigation into the bottled water industry. The trailer gives a powerful summary of all of the issues created by plastic production; pollution, health concerns, petrochemical use, exploitation, and profiteering.
Plastic Planet: an excellent Austrian documentary that is well worth a watch if you worry about how plastics may affect your health. English voice over.
Addicted to Plastic is an award winning documentary, but you will have to purchase it to watch it. You can watch the trailer here (go for trailer #2).
Trashed: a documentary with Jeremy Irons lending a lot of weight to the message.

Please let me know of other website gems out there that aim to seek change and empower people to make change.                                         


  1. http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/progressive-enterprises-ltd-and-foodstuffs-ltd-new-zealand-introduce-a-10-cent-plastic-bag-levy-across-all-your-major-supermarket-brands and http://www.unpackit.org.nz/

    1. Thanks very much John. This is fantastic. I'll be pushing this as much I can; so great someone has taken up this mantle!

  2. Thanks for sharing these sites. I'm doing plastic free July, 12 months would be hard work, good on you for trying!