Plastic and health

It would appear there is a lot of information the plastics industry is not telling us that we really need to know, and there is very good reason for concern.

Where can you find information?
Here's an excellent starting point: the documentary Plastic Planet investigates just how harmful plastic is. It will change the way you think about plastic, and probably your plastic use.

Life Without Plastic has a clear break down of the issues. Their page on types of plastic is fairly illuminating.

This article from Science Daily has links to other articles about the development of benign plastics or alternative plastics.

BPA: what is it and why is it dangerous? Wikipedia has an informative summary.

BPA in tinned food: yes, unfortunately even our canned food is not free from plastic. Read here to find out what the issue is, and alternatives to using cans. 

Baby bottles: this article from LiveScience discusses whether being BPA free is enough.

New Zealand government's stance on BPA: rather disappointing. Their statement that Canada is the only country to date to ban BPA in any product is grossly misleading. Read here to find out what is in progress in other countries.

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