PFJ in Raglan: a town to be proud of

Raglan is a coastal town of 3000 people who obviously really care about their marine environment; the Plastic Free July initiative has had a huge amount of support from the community and has been a real success. Here are photos of some of the highlights of the month:

Plastics Anonymous, the Plastic Free
July support group is born
The Herbal Dispensary offering a
weekly PFJ competition
A good turn out to the inaugural
Plastics Anonymous meeting
A local bread artisan shows her support
The Whaingaroa Environment Centre pushing Plastic Free July
at the Raglan Creative Market
The Raglan Kindergarten do a waste audit for Plastic
Free July and make HUGE changes (from 2.1 metres of
non-recyclable waste in week 1 down to .25 in week 2)
The Raglan Supermarket allows this bin
for returning plastic packaging to be placed
outside their front door
The Herbal Dispensary offer a reusable
bag deposit for shoppers who forget
their bags
The Karioi Classic, our popular mountain bike race, goes plastic free for the race packs
The Raglan wharf coffee vendor, Wharf 
Espresso, makes a plastic free 
Nearly 450 pieces of plastic packaging deposited in the return bin outside the supermarket.
The Raglan Library educates its readers
about plastic pollution
The Harbour View Hotel gets on board
Promoting Plastic Free July
at the Raglan mid-winter swim
The Raglan supermarket sells their reusable bags
and paper grocery bags at cost for the month
of July.

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