Tools for demanding change

Simply choosing not to buy plastic products is not enough on its own to create change. There aren't enough non-plastic-buying consumers to make a difference to the market BUT there is a direct way we can make our voices heard:

TOOL 1: most brands will have a facebook page, which is a very easy and effective way to give feedback that is hard to ignore.

TOOL 2: letter writing. Feel free to copy and paste these letters or use them as a base for your own letter writing. The more we complain, the more likely change is to happen.

I'll be adding more letters as I write them.

To the Brand Manager (for a large company) or the CEO (for a small company),

I really like your product, but I don't like the packaging it comes in so I've returned it to you.

Plastic is harmful to the environment because it is unable to fully break down. It is also harmful to humans because it leaches chemicals.

Please consider changing to environmentally and human friendly packaging.

Yours sincerely,

CHANGE OF PACKAGING written in response to V8's recent change in their bottling:

I am incredibly disappointed to see that you have changed from glass to plastic bottling. 

To consumers, the V8 brand denotes health and well-being, and that is certainly your biggest marketing push. However, not only is plastic detrimental to the environment, it has been conclusively shown to be detrimental to our health. Plastic leaches toxins and is linked to a number of serious health issues including asthma, infertility and cancer. 

If you were true to your marketing image, you would revert to your old packaging. You owe that to your integrity, and your consumers.

Yours sincerely,

To whom this may concern,

I would like to receive this information, but do not want any plastic. Can you please resend this to me in a paper envelope, or alternatively email me the information at 

I urge you to package all your information in material than can effectively be recycled or is biodegradable. Plastic can do neither of these and is incredibly wasteful.

TOOL 3: start or get involved in a petition. It only takes one passionate person to start a movement; Kohl Tyler-Dunshea has secured several thousand signatures to ban plastic bags in New Zealand through Greenpeace's Toko programme.  Avaaz is another great online petition tool.

TOOL 4: use your power as a voter. Do your research and pick the party that best aligns with your values. You could even approach your local MP or councillor about issues that concern you; see if they will champion your cause.

TOOL 5: be informed. A good place to start is via facebook with Conscious Consumers:


  1. Thank you I will use your letters as a template.

  2. Love this - I boycott plastic in the UK at if my plastic free list is any use to you!

  3. Fantastic letters Merren, thank you and keep up the inspiring work!