Friday, 23 September 2016

Fantastic local business for plastic-free baby products

If you are concerned about the toxins your child may be absorbing, check out Haakaa for their amazing range of baby products.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cat love conundrum

My elderly cat, whom I love dearly, has decided that she no longer wants to eat cat biscuits, even if I soak them for her so that they are easier to eat. The problem is that I can buy the biscuits in large bags that have very little plastic, thereby reducing my plastic waste, and so I'm not happy with the alternative:

Plastic sachets that only do
one meal. Eeek!

I had always said when I started this journey that I wouldn't compromise my health or the health of my animals, so I am really having to compromise on my values here.

And I certainly won't compromise on the quality of food for my cat. Yes I can buy tins of wet cat food at the supermarket, but they are effectively like feeding my cat MacDonalds. The above brand is excellent and offers food designed for aging cats (and my cat loves it) BUT I hate the waste. 

If anybody has suggestions for an alternative, plastic-free wet cat food source that is tailored to old cats, I would love to know (she has done raw food, and lost interest pretty quickly, so that one is out).