Thursday, 21 April 2016

Ecowarehouse product review

Ecowarehouse is a New Zealand online shop offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The company's aim is to make eco products easily accessible and affordable for all households.

This month I have trialled three plastic free and completely natural laundry products:

SoapNut Shells
I have used soapnuts for several years now instead of laundry powder. I find they do just as effective a job and they have zero environmental impact. In fact, they give back; once I've exhausted a bag of shells, they go into the compost. The SoapNuts NZ brand is as good as any other I've used. I put 5 shells into the provided muslin bag, which does 5 to 6 washes. I haven't number crunched, but my feeling is that they are more economical than buying eco-friendly laundry powder. Find out how soapnuts work here.

Oxygen Bleach
I don't tend to buy anything that may require bleaching, because it has such a large environmental impact. However, because my bathroom is small and dark I do have a white shower curtain to reflect light. It always needs help in maintaining a uniform whiteness. SoapNuts NZ Oxygen Bleach does a good job of freshening it up, and it feels great to be able to guilt-free bleach.

Stain Remover
This product got a thorough testing, and the photos speak for themselves. My cat decided my cream-coloured bedroom curtains were an appropriate place to vomit; not just a regurgitation of her dinner, but a good dose of bile too. A soak and scrub in water did little to remove the yellow stains, so I tried BunchaFarmers Stain Remover. I simply daubed the soap bar over the stains, added a bit of water and carefully rubbed the curtain. The stains came out immediately.

After - you can see the creases where I rubbed the
curtain together.


  1. Thanks for your review, I haven't heard of this brand/website before! Will check it out.

  2. Soap nuts.we are a family of five.and although we wash at low temperatures and only if we need to. Do clothes still smell ok? We dont expect our clothes to smell perfumed. (And prefer them to smell of nothing) but with a sweaty pre teen i wonder if they are good for that job of keeping her smell free