Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Plastic free gardening

My cloche, filled with a variety of seeds waiting to
germinate. Egg cartons make great nurseries, and
the trays underneath are kept with 5mm of water in
them to ensure the soil doesn't dry out.
This has been the biggest challenge so far. Most gardening items are housed in plastic, from seeds and seedlings to compost and tools. I always have a big vege garden on the go over summer, but have always bought seedlings. This year I am having to learn to grow everything from seed, and am fortunate enough to be able to source heritage seeds (in paper envelopes!) from my local environment centre.
My old horrible plastic compost bin, which I inherited
from the previous owner (all those toxins leaching into
the beautiful compost! Ugh).
My new look plastic free compost, with everything
but the chicken wire sourced from materials around
the house and section (and hopefully rat proof!)
I have a bush and marsh area on my property that
needed to have some gaps filled. Taupo Native shipped
my plants to me plastic free, wrapping the bases in
newspapers instead of plastic containers. The plants
are in great condition and come at an excellent price.